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Age-Associated DNA Methylation Patterns Are Shared Between the Hippocampus and Peripheral Blood Cells.

  • Harris CJ
  • Davis BA
  • Zweig JA
  • Nevonen KA
  • Quinn JF
  • Carbone L
  • Gray NE
Exosomes from Human Periapical Cyst-MSCs: Theranostic Application in Parkinson's Disease.

  • Tatullo M
  • Marrelli B
  • Zullo MJ
  • Codispoti B
  • Paduano F
  • Benincasa C
  • Fortunato F
  • Scacco S
  • Zavan B
  • Cocco T
Amyloids: Regulators of Metal Homeostasis in the Synapse.

  • Kawahara M
  • Kato-Negishi M
  • Tanaka KI
Advanced diffusion magnetic resonance imaging in patients with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.

  • Kamagata K
  • Andica C
  • Hatano T
  • Ogawa T
  • Takeshige-Amano H
  • Ogaki K
  • Akashi T
  • Hagiwara A
  • Fujita S
  • Aoki S
α-Synuclein filaments from transgenic mouse and human synucleinopathy-containing brains are major seed-competent species.

  • Morgan SA
  • Lavenir I
  • Fan J
  • Masuda-Suzukake M
  • Passarella D
  • DeTure MA
  • Dickson DW
  • Ghetti B
  • Goedert M
Confirmation of <sup>123</sup>I-FP-CIT-SPECT (ioflupane) quantification methods in dementia with Lewy body and other neurodegenerative disorders.

  • Maltais DD
  • Jordan LG 3rd
  • Min HK
  • Miyawaga T
  • Pryzbleski S
  • Lesnick TG
  • Reichard RR
  • Dickson DW
  • Murray ME
  • Kantarci K
  • Boeve BF
  • Lowe V
Vascular, flow and perfusion abnormalities in Parkinson's disease.

  • Zhang C
  • Wu B
  • Wang X
  • Chen C
  • Zhao R
  • Lu H
  • Zhu H
  • Xue B
  • Liang H
  • Sethi SK
  • Haacke EM
  • Zhu J
  • Peng Y
  • Cheng J
GTP-binding inhibitors increase LRRK2-linked ubiquitination and Lewy body-like inclusions.

  • Thomas JM
  • Wang X
  • Guo G
  • Li T
  • Dai B
  • Nucifora LG
  • Nucifora FC Jr
  • Liu Z
  • Xue F
  • Liu C
  • Ross CA
  • Smith WW
In vivo signatures of neurodegeneration in isolated rapid eye movement behaviour disorder.

  • Carli G
  • Caminiti SP
  • Galbiati A
  • Marelli S
  • Casoni F
  • Padovani A
  • Ferini-Strambi L
  • Perani D
Autonomic dysfunction is associated with neuropsychological impairment in Lewy body disease.

  • Del Pino R
  • Murueta-Goyena A
  • Acera M
  • Carmona-Abellan M
  • Tijero B
  • Lucas-Jiménez O
  • Ojeda N
  • Ibarretxe-Bilbao N
  • Peña J
  • Gabilondo I
  • Gómez-Esteban JC
Young-onset and late-onset Parkinson's disease exhibit a different profile of fluid biomarkers and clinical features.

  • Schirinzi T
  • Di Lazzaro G
  • Sancesario GM
  • Summa S
  • Petrucci S
  • Colona VL
  • Bernardini S
  • Pierantozzi M
  • Stefani A
  • Mercuri NB
  • Pisani A

Press releases, workshop summaries, and editorials

NINDS Parkinson's Disease Biomarkers Program Consortium Meeting, Bethesda MD (August 12-13, 2019)

The PDBP Annual Consortium Meeting was held August 12-13, 2019 in Rockville, MD.  Principal investigators (PIs), clinical and data management experts from each PDBP project, and representatives from the  NIH, PD nonprofit organizations , and the pharmaceutical industry met to discuss progress over the last twelve months in addition to current and future plans for the program.

Accelerating Medicines Partnership launches data knowledge portal for Parkinson’s disease

Shared platform to catalyze research collaboration toward biomarker discovery to advance the development disease therapies


The Accelerating Medicines Partnership (AMP) program for Parkinson’s disease (PD) has launched a data portal to provide de-identified information collected from 4,298 PD patients and healthy controls to researchers working to develop effective therapies for the disease. The portal enables researchers to study complex data sets and perform genome-wide analyses at a scale previously impossible.