Data Management Resource

The NINDS PDBP Data Management Resource (DMR) advances Parkinson's research through the support of electronic data capture, clinical site management, data quality assessment and data access.

What is the DMR?

The DMR is a collection of modular components that provide researchers with access to tools that allow for the collection and quality assurance of data in a standardized format.  The DMR coordinates the assembly of de-identified data into a common database, enabling the query and distribution of aggregate data.

What is available in the DMR?

Global Unique Identifier (GUID)

Enables data to be associated with a subject without exposing/transferring Personally Identify Information (PII). The GUID module is connected to the NINDS Centralized GUID server for GUID sharing across PDBP, NINDS, and NIA. Click here to learn more.

Data Dictionary

Provides common definitions so data is consistently captured and recorded across PDBP studies

Protocol and Forms Research Management System (ProFoRMS)

Manage studies, subjects, and forms, collect data and run reports and queries

Data Submission

Part of the ProFoRMS system that provides electronic data entry forms supporting NINDS CDEs and unique data elements

Data Validation

Validate data against the data dictionary, upload validated data to the DMR database

Data Query

Search PDBP DMR database by study, clinical form and/or data element

Meta Study

Enables a researcher to expand their research through creation of a secondary study that includes their data and data that is available through the PDBP

Medical Image Processing, Analysis, and Visualization (MIPAV)

Prepares image files for submission and validation to the PDBP DMR