To overcome current roadblocks to better clinical trial design through improved assessment of PD progression across the disease spectrum, the PDBP will focus on building resources and supporting research that promotes the discovery of PD diagnostic and progression biomarkers.

In considering the landscape of current PD biomarker efforts across institutional, government and non-government agencies, the PDBP will facilitate research and the development of resources that bridge the gap between small pilot biomarker studies and validation studies of well replicated biomarker candidates.

In bridging this gap, the PDBP will support new and existing cohort studies that collect standardized longitudinal clinical data and biospecimens across all stages of PD, with the goal of coalescing this data into a single database that enables data to be shared broadly with the research community.

The PDBP will also support the development of analytical tools that will promote innovation around biomarker discovery. By recognizing the contribution of current biomarker studies and providing the resources necessary to successfully replicate promising biomarker candidates and promote innovative analytical solutions, the PDBP through its Data Management Resource, will work to unite and leverage these efforts to accelerate biomarker discovery for Parkinson's disease.