Biosample Orders

To select PDBP biosamples and create a biosample order queue:


  • Request a new account with the PDBP DMR (if you don't already have one)
  • Login to the DMR using your account and select the Query module
  • Once in the Query module - select the NINDS Biorepository Sample Catalog and any other form structure (i.e. MDS-UPDRS) you would like to use to help refine your sample selection
  • Sort biosamples by any of the selection criteria (select criteria tab) -subject information, sample information, quality control
  • Select a biosample by clicking on the corresponding "system assigned ID for an orderable biosample"
  • When you have finished your biosample(s) selection, go to the Account Management tab and select "Order Manager"
  • At this stage you may further refine your Biomaterials Queue prior to selecting the biosample(s). Once your review is complete and biosamples selected, create your order by hitting the "add to order" button.
  • A new order alert will appear. Select this notification (the notification will be seen above the "add to order" button).
  • You will now be asked to upload 2 documents; 1) your PD BRAC approval letter and 2) supporting documentation, i.e. upload a signed (investigator and institutional official) NINDS Human Genetics Repository Material Transfer Agreement for Biospecimens.
  • Provide a shipping address and either save and exit or save and submit the order.
  • Comments and decisions from the NINDS PDBP Biospecimen Resource Acquisition Committee (BRAC) will be communicated directly with the requestor through email correspondence and through the Order Manager under "Admin Orders".
  • If your biospecimen(s) request is approved, the NINDS Repository staff will work with you to organize the receipt of the biospecimen(s).

For further details on biospecimen ordering, please click here to assist you in creating an order for the NINDS Biorepository through the PDBP DMR.