PDBP supports the receipt of unprocessed brain images in DICOM format and processed images in a variety of formats including DICOM, MINC 1.0 and 2.0, Analyze, NIfTI-1, AFNI and SPM. If you are using a different file format, please contact pdbp-help@mail.nih.gov to allow us add it to our list of supported standards.

To submit imaging data to PDBP, researchers are required to run a component of the MIPAV (Medical Image Processing, Analysis, and Visualization) application. Using the MIPAV Component for PDBP, you can prepare your image data for submission by following the steps below.

  • Place each of your images into a common directory accessible by your computer.
  • Select the link: http://mipav.cit.nih.gov/brics_jws/mipav_brics_prod_jws.php. This link will launch a Java web start application. A recent version of the 64-bit Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is needed to run the application. Help documentation is available at: http://mipav.cit.nih.gov/pubwiki/index.php/Image_submission_plug-in
  • Add Files to the program.
  • Enter appropriate metadata. Date of interview, image dimensions, GUID, Dimensions, and site subject ID are all required. You may need to scroll down to access all required fields.
  • Add or Remove files, select the output directory, and select finish when all files have the meta data items completed.
  • Select Finish, which will generate all the files necessary for validation
    • The compressed image
    • A JPG that can be used as a thumbnail to preview the image in the PDBP query tool
    • A CSV of the meta-data from the image. The data matches a form structure that can be queried using the PDBP's query tool.
  • Validate the files in the PDBP Validation Tool.