The biorepositories receive, process, store, and distribute biospecimen resources that can be shared by the neuroscience research community.

Biospecimen Availability Overview

The table below provides an overview of what types of biospecimens are available in each cohort study.

Cohort Population Research Intent DNA RNA CSF Whole Blood Plasma Serum
NINDS Parkinson's disease Biomarkers Program (PDBP) Early to advance PD and controls              
24-Hour Biofluid Sampling Early to moderate PD and controls Biomarker discovery            
BioFind Moderate to advanced PD and controls Biomarker discovery            
DATATOP Early, unmedicated PD Biomark discovery and validation            
Harvard Biomarker Study >600 early-stage, medicated and unmedicated cases with PD, >600 individuals with congnitive impairment, and >700 controls Discovery and validation of cross-sectional and longitudinal biomarkers for PD and AD            
LRRK2 Cohort Biomarker discovery Biomarker discovery            

Interested in obtaining biosamples?

All investigators interested in obtaining biosamples must submit an online application for approval. All applications are submitted to the PD BRAC for review. Upon approval, an investigator is able to obtain biosamples.